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Food Truck Inspired Cuisine with Our Korean BBQ Flavor

Posted on Mon, Jul, 2014@ 02:30 PM

With our Korean BBQ sauce mixture and dry rub, you can taste the balance of ginger, garlic and soy. The possibilities are endless for this on-trend flavor, use it as a  snack seasoning, marinade and even a dry rub.

Korean BBQ tacos are credited by some as kicking off the food truck trend in large cities, such as Los Angeles. We invite you to invoke the creativity and flavor that has catapulted food trucks to recent fame. 

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First, let us customize this blend for you. You can add other fruit extracts or peppers to make this uniquely your own, modifying this flavor as a sauce or as a dry rub. 

Go for an easy crowd pleaser, and use our Korean BBQ sauce on chicken wings or short ribs. Or try the ever-popular Korean BBQ tacos, and don’t forget the Sriracha on the side! 

No matter where you live, this flavor is sure to be a hit on or off the truck. Did you know? 

  • Food trucks are the fastest growing dining industry in the country, with an average growth rate of 8.4% a year
  • Food truck revenue is expected to quadruple to $2.7 billion by 2017
  • 2.5 billion people eat street food every day
  • Kogi Korean BBQ was named one of the top five food trucks in Los Angeles – and has over 127,000 followers on Twitter 

What are your favorite food truck flavor trends

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Boosting Nutritional Values in Foods

Posted on Mon, May, 2013@ 04:37 PM

Recently, Girl Scout Cookies released a new cookie in 2013 - Mango Crème with Nutrifusion’s Grandfusion as part of the ingredients.  While many scoffed at the idea of nutritionally “supercharging” a cookie, many see this as a toe dip into an ocean of market expansion.  Grandfusion is a blend of fruits and vegetables that, when added to food products, allows companies to claim additional nutritional benefits without affecting taste or functionality. 

Recently in a trade article, scientists experiments with extruded corn snacks to incorporate fish protein powder and omega-3 fish oil.  They were able to determine the exact percentage where children could not detect these items, thereby opening avenues for snack companies to increase nutrient values in products.

At Carolina Ingredients, we are formulating some of our current blends to include Grandfusion - another way to create value for you.

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Carolina Ingredients - How Can We Create Value For You

Posted on Tue, Apr, 2013@ 12:18 PM

Carolina Ingredients uses tools such as Mintel’s Global New Products Database to assist in analyzing trends and to forecast growth areas in products and flavor offerings.  This allows our R&D team to innovate new items to show current and potential customers.  For example, innovation in the niche market for salty snacks revolves around deep spicy flavors such as chipotle, habanero and jalapeno.  Over the past year, Carolina Ingredients has offered a variety of samples in these flavor profiles - and we currently have a number of chili offerings in production today. 

Newer trends show an expansion of product offerings that replicate an entire meal, such as fajita tortilla chips, chicken ramen crisps or a dessert like flan flavored popcorn.  Specifically in the US, brands look now to add fruits and/or vegetables to improve their heath credentials without alternating the appearance or taste of the product.  Companies that produce products with natural and organic remain in a key growth area with premium pricing potential. 

Contact Carolina Ingredients so we can share new flavor opportunities with your company!


(Source: Mintel, March 2013)

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Carolina Ingredients - The Research Chef Association Conference

Posted on Tue, Mar, 2013@ 10:45 AM
Carolina Ingredients
Carolina Ingredients also participates in local food trade associations.  We recently showed some ideas at the RCA Conference 2013.  The Research Chef Association held their Culinary Expo March 6-9, 2013 in Charlotte NC.  Our participation provides Carolina Ingredients face time opportunities with premier nationally known R&D Chefs.
I spent a few minutes interviewing our R&D team to understand their brain storming process.  Julie, one of our R&D gurus’s participated in a little Q&A with me.
DMC:  “Julie, how did your team come up with flavor offerings for the RCA conference?”
Julie:  “People from all over the country are coming to the Queen City for the RCA Conference so we wanted to showcase a theme from the region that we are proud to call our home.  The Carolinas are known for their love and variety of BBQ!”
DMC: “There are so many types of BBQ out there -- how did you narrow it down?”
Julie: “We took tradition and added a twist by serving BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders with 4 unique sauces to satisfy tastes from any region.  Our Carolina Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce won’t disappoint those that want a true classic while our Smokey Three-Pepper BBQ Sauce are for those that love a kick!  Our Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Sweet Maple Orange BBQ Sauce (with just a hint of blood orange) are great for those looking for something truly unique! 
And, as is the tradition in the Carolina’s -- one must have slaw with their BBQ.  Our version of Asian Coleslaw is as refreshing and crunchy as it is colorful.  Paired with any of our sauces, you have one awesome slider and a taste of the South!”
DMC: “How difficult is it for our consumers to use these seasonings”
Julie: “Very easy!  These sauces and dressings are made from dry seasoning - just add water and vinegar to your taste.  Of course, we are also experienced with more complex uses!”
Whether you have a new concept that just needs the final touches, or just want to brainstorm with trends and flavor profiles, Carolina Ingredients is your partner.

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Carolina Ingredients - Our Core Cultures

Posted on Mon, Mar, 2013@ 09:00 AM

At Carolina Ingredients we embrace our core cultures - 7 precise statements that guide us in our daily relationship with producing quality products.  Callers are greeted with “How May I Create Value for You?”  Monthly team meetings give everyone an opportunity to recognize co-workers who exemplify a core culture.  Visitors report they feel the connectedness and pride that employees, managers, and Doug Meyer-Cuno have for Carolina Ingredients.

Theron Hunter, recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with Carolina Ingredients.  He proudly announced he loved being part of the “Dream Team”.

When you interact with anyone at Carolina Ingredients, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot at least one core culture coming through


          ~ Passionate about creating value

          ~ Building partnerships

          ~ Innovative solutions to solving problems

          ~ Get it done right attitude

          ~ Growth thru technology

          ~ Optimize Sustainable practices

          ~ Our Team is only as good as the value you create

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Carolina Ingredients - SNAXPO 2013

Posted on Mon, Mar, 2013@ 09:00 AM

Carolina Ingredients is at SNAXPO 2013 - March 16-19th, Tampa Convention Center


Carolina Ingredients is at booth 502 for SNAXPO 2013.  Come meet our sales and R&D teams, talk to us about the value we can create for you!

This year, the R&D team will showcase seasonings for kettle chip and nut applications.  They have worked diligently to create great flavors that invoke emotions and are tailored to the application.  A flavor that may be great on a potato chip may be dull and flat on a nut.

Our nut offerings this year are:

Hot Cinnamon Sugar Glazed Almonds -- conjure the aroma of the holiday season, ice skating outside, warm baked goods in the oven - now savor almonds with a touch of delicious heat to warm your insides.

Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Almonds - the almond makes a perfect carrier for this buttery and roasted savory treat.  An updated addition to snack mix, or just enjoy on its own.

Our kettle chip offerings are:

Zesty Garden Tomato - remember summer? Fresh picked tomatoes, basil and oregano blended together perfectly to make a bright sauce for freshly made pasta.  All that in a bag of chips!

Sweet Cajun Pepper - head south to enjoy peppers and other spices - not too hot and just a kiss of sweetness - pure joy! 

Chili Chipotle - now head west, smell the smoke and warmness created by peppers, a touch of garlic and a little sweet note to finish the experience

Come, enjoy and chat with us about ways we can build a partnership with your team.

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Sodium Reduction - The Natural Way

Posted on Wed, Mar, 2013@ 12:55 PM

More and more consumers look to reduce their sodium intake in an effort to promote health and wellness.  Carolina Ingredients recognized this trend early and began offering a natural low sodium sea salt in 2010.  Our manufacturing customers have a choice between 57% or 45% reduced sodium salt. This functional product can be blended into existing seasoned salts, stuffing seasoning, and snack toppings, just to name a few.  With our blending facility, we have the ability to reduce the granulation size for other topical applications.  Our canning customers love the opportunity to expand upon their lower sodium product line.

At Carolina Ingredients, we pride ourselves in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.   

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