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Snack Clean at Snaxpo 2016!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 2016@ 12:01 PM

Snaxpo_2016Come visit us at booth #644 for the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 19 through March 22 in Houston, TX. We have four Texas-sized flavors to try. Stop on by and have a tasty treat and give us feedback.

  • Orange Cheddar Flavored Popcorn – Cheesy cheddar type flavor that is also Non GMO project compliant. A new favorite in the CII library – around the office, folks ask for this more than regular cheese popcorn.

  • White Cheddar & Jalapeno Popcorn – Balanced cheddar type flavoring with the zing of fresh green jalapenos. This is also Non GMO project compliant – your mouth will ask for more of this savory, zesty blend.

  • Toasted Cinnamon Apple Multigrain Chips – Reminds us of the family recipe for apple cinnamon crisp that we looked forward to just after apple harvest. Sweet with warm cinnamon notes would make this an excellent addition to your flavor offerings. We paired this with an Organic Gluten Free Tortilla Chip containing flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.. This is also Non GMO project compliant and a new favorite at CII!

  • Korean Bibimbap on Kettle Chip – Complete with signature gochujang flavor and other savory notes on a kettle chip allows this complex flavor to come forward. Asian flavors continue to be very trendy in 2016.

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Pineapple and Brown Sugar Rub Conjures Warm Memories During Cool Months

Posted on Thu, Nov, 2014@ 09:15 AM

We are moving into fall, when the mornings remind us that summer has again departed and falling leaves prepare us for winter.  Holidays are right around the corner and many of us yearn to locate to warmer locales where we can wait until crocuses begin to emerge from the ground, signaling a new season.

ham with pineapple brown sugar BLOG copy resized 600

Spice distributor Carolina Ingredient’s most recent flavor innovation is Pineapple Brown Sugar Rub. Sweet acidity with warm spicy notes pairs well with pork or beef.  It conjures memories of fall gatherings with family and friends when applied to whole ham. Beef ribs take on an island festive flavor when coated with this blend and smoked, allowing us to imagine the sun above and sand below.

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Southern Cuisine - A New Snack Seasoning, Spicy Pimento Cheese

Posted on Tue, Oct, 2014@ 08:00 AM

Southern Cuisine is no longer found just in the south - its popularity is expanding as well known chefs begin to highlight traditional southern dishes and trends in their menus. Now, it is common to see pimento cheese used in other ways. No longer solely a dip or sandwich spread, you now find pimento cheese burgers, pimento grilled cheese sandwiches to deep fried pimento cheese balls. The Varsity, an Atlanta landmark, serves pimento cheese with chili on their hotdogs.

pimento cheese email

Pimento Cheese, comfort food, now has multiple variations --from changing the types of cheese to peppers in this lovely mix. You’ll find cheddar, jack, American, and even changes based upon “cleaning” out the refrigerator cheese drawer. Originally with pimentos, a popular crop grown in the south until the 1960’s, jalapenos, piquillos, and other peppers are used to transform this Southern dish into a fusion blend.

Carolina Ingredient’s ideation for October is Spicy Pimento Cheese. Smooth and creamy cheese blend plus heat from different chili peppers mix with a zing of garlic. We formulated this as a snack seasoning; however, we can modify this winner to be used as a blend in for sauces, soups or dressings. Even better, how about a spicy pimento cheese “Hot Pocket” type snack?

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