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Aji Amarillo – The “Sunshine Chili” Snack Seasoning

Posted on Mon, Oct, 2016@ 02:11 PM

Get ready for this little gem out of Peru – Aji Amarillo – a yellow to bright orange chili pepper with a fruity note.  If you are serious about your chili and want to ramp up your line of offerings this is the chili for you.  Serious Eats says, “If there were a chili to taste like sunshine, this would be it.” 




With medium heat, full bodied flavor yet more subtle than a poblano, our version combines the Aji with other spices like cilantro and garlic to further round out the flavor profile.


We have formulated this as a kosherable, Non-GMO compliant blend intended as a snack seasoningHowever, the Aji Amarillo is often used in paste form to create sauces and rubs.


Reach out to us for a sample to match your application – we think you’ll be as excited as we are!

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Celebrate Summer with Fresh New Snack Flavors

Posted on Thu, Jul, 2014@ 09:42 AM

July 4th marks the most celebrated summer holiday, and our innovation team has taken note, developing new snack seasoning blends that celebrate the warm temperatures and fresh flavors of the season.


With 93% of American gardeners growing tomatoes this summer, keep your customers’ taste buds satisfied with flavors that taste homegrown.  

Caprese – This flavorful creation has balanced notes of basil, tomato, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. Blending the creaminess of cheese with a touch of tartness from the vinegar, Caprese elicits visions of Italy, beautiful weather and tomatoes fresh from the garden.

Cheddar and Malt Vinegar – Flavored after typical pub fare, our cheddar and malt vinegar combines tastes without any overpowering tartness. With gastro pubs continuing to trend, this blend would be perfectly suited for chips or pork rinds, enjoyed on a warm, summer afternoon outdoors.

Learn more at Carolina Ingredients today! 

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