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Snaxpo 2019

Posted on Wed, Mar, 2019@ 10:00 AM

Come Visit us at Booth #300 where Carolina Ingredients will be showcasing the latest and greatest snack food trends.

Smoked_Maple_ChipsSmoked Maple Potato Chips

Smoke is a trend that just keeps rising in popularity.  Everything from smoked meats & cheeses to cocktails are popping up in restaurants and on grocery store shelves.  Our smoked maple seasoning does not disappoint!  Sweet maple with rich smoke makes our potato chips irresistible!



Ipa_Mustard_PretzelMustard IPA Beer Pretzels

Your favorite beer & bar snack combined into one awesome snack!  Hoppy India Pale Ale beer and sweet & tangy Dijon mustard makes this one flavor-packed seasoning.  This is a favorite snack around the office at Carolina Ingredients!




Moringa_Honey_PopcornOrganic Moringa & Honey Popcorn
Moringa oleifera is a tree native to North India with leaves known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  Rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals this superfood plant is combined with Organic Honey for a sweet, delicious and nutritious popcorn snack.



Elderberry_PopcornElderberry Popcorn

Elderberry syrup is the latest craze in home health natural remedies, and we turned it into a crave-able snack seasoning!  Immune boosting Elderberries are combined with warm spices of cinnamon & clove with a touch of honey for sweetness.



We look forward to seeing you at SNAXPO Booth #300!


Contact us if you would like to learn more about these snack seasonings or try them for yourself!

Carolina Ingredients Launches 2 New Trendy Flavors!

Posted on Mon, Nov, 2018@ 02:10 PM

With the holiday season approaching, Carolina Ingredients has introduced two new snack seasoning flavors. I’m sure you’ve seen, heard or even drink cold brew and know that this is a hot, new trend.  Cold Brew is popping up everywhere from the grocery store shelves to convenience stores and of course major coffee houses.  The flavor can be transferred onto just about anything, but we feel it’s perfect for snacks (Popcorn, Puffs).  The seasonings themselves are made using all Non-GMO ingredients. 




Cold Brew CoffeeThe smooth and earthy profile comes from the inclusion of 100% coffee cherry husks and smooth, brewed coffee extracts. 






Pecan Cold Brew Coffee In addition to smooth coffee notes the flavor is milky with a sweet cream and buttery sweet vanilla notes.  The Pecan Cold Brew adds a buttery, southern pecan note. 




Please contact your salesperson today for a sample

Natural Cure for Meats

Posted on Thu, May, 2018@ 11:00 AM

As consumers become more aware of how their food is grown and processed they are starting to ask more questions.  There are a lot of “Uncured” meats on the market, but they mostly contain Celery Juice Powder which is simply a highly concentrated source of nitrites.  Consumers are beginning to understand what that means.


Our new Natural Cure Blend eliminates chemical nitrite, erythorbate, celery powder, acerola cherry powder, and other chemicals.  Labeled as “Sea Salt, Dried Vinegar, Natural Flavors”, it is classified as all natural and allergen free and offers great shelf life and food safety.  The Natural Cure Blend is not a concentrated nitrite source and eliminates the need for celery powder. Our Natural Cure provides truth in labeling and is perfect for use in Ham, Bacon, Salami, Hot Dogs, Pepperoni and any seasonings for meat.


Please contact your Sales Representative for more information and samples today!

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Snaxpo 2018

Posted on Fri, Mar, 2018@ 11:16 AM

Come visit us at booth #839 for Snaxpo 2018, held this year from March 12 through March 14 in Atlanta, GA.  Carolina Ingredients has been staying ahead of the trends and is looking forward to discussing how we can create value for you.  Please stop by the booth and let us tell you all about it. 

We have four internationally inspired creations for you to sample. 


Organic Sweet Turmeric Popcorn.jpg

Organic Sweet Turmeric Popcorn

A blend of warm spices coupled with turmeric creates a balanced salty & sweet flavor profile inspired from India. Many people are looking to incorporate turmeric into their diets because of its reported anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. This seasoning blend is USDA Organic.


 Thai Taco Potato Chips.jpgThai Taco Potato Chips

A blend of Thai flavors and American taco flavors.  Modern Fusion is back because of savvy, educated customers who have become armchair foodies thanks to the surge in popularity of food and travel shows.


Salted Caramel Latte Popcorn.jpgSalted Caramel Latte Popcorn

Salted caramel with a hint of creamy coffee.  We use Coffee FlourTM in this blend. Coffee flour is from the fruit (called the cherry) of the coffee plant. Previously discarded, innovators discovered that one could process the cherry to make a sustainably sourced raw ingredient.  Coffee flour has a subtle floral, roasted flavor to it. 


 Tomatillo Kettle Chips.jpgTomatillo Kettle Chips

Tangy tomatillo flavored chips are a delight to savor. Slightly peppery, minimal heat with notes of turmeric.  This NON-GMO Project verifiable blend is an interesting cousin to green salsa seasoning.

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Fair Trade

Posted on Thu, Oct, 2017@ 12:45 PM

Many customers are more aware about where their food comes from and who makes the food. Consumers want ingredients that are perceived as healthful and / or derived from natural sources. Their focus has also shifted to social issues such as child labor, illegal trafficking, sustainability, and fair wages to farmers.

Fair trade started in the coffee industry and has now moved to cocoa and sugar amongst other products. According to a publication by J. Paull in 2011, there were over 1.2 million farmers and workers in more than 60 countries participating in Fairtrade International’s organization. Ben & Jerry’s, Cadbury, and Guittard are just a few companies that are focusing on fair trade cocoa for some or all of their products.


Recently, our R&D team has had a number of requests for blends containing Fair Trade Certified Cocoa:




MinChocolateA classic flavor combination that pairs well with sweet snacks and nuts.





Choco_Banana.jpgChocolate Banana - Ripe banana flavors with cocoa would also mix well with a sweet cream flavor to make an ice cream inspired treat.





Milk_Choco.jpgMilk Chocolate - Smooth like the candy bars we know well and love.





Dbl_Dark_Choco.jpgDouble Dark Chocolate - Dark and rich and slightly sweet flavors work well on snacks and nuts.




Please contact your sales person to learn more about these and other blends.

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See About Our Sweet Organic Seasonings

Posted on Thu, May, 2017@ 02:00 PM

At Carolina Ingredients, we have numerous blends that are sure to exceed your expectations. One area that we have been ahead of the curve in, is developing new organic blends for our customers.


Sweet Thai Chili 

Our organic Sweet Thai Chili is made up of chili pepper and sweet spices, along with citrus and sesame flavors. Chicken wings, wraps and egg rolls are sure to be great uses for this seasoning. This flavorful organic blend provides the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.


Salsa Verde Organic Seasoning

Salsa Verde

If you like chips and dip, you’re sure to love our Salsa Verde. It also makes for a great secret ingredient in soup, stew, or chili. Packed with jalapeno flavor, onion, bell pepper and a note of cilantro, Salsa Verde is vivid, vibrant, and truly very tasteful.


Sweet Asian Citrus Organic Seasoning

Sweet Asian Citrus

Sweet Asian Citrus includes a hint of spice, paired with a touch of ginger, to go along with its incredibly sweet taste. This blend is wonderful on chicken wings and would help make a great meat or pork rub. This seasoning would also be a hit when applied to sweet potatoes.



We currently have over 25 organic blends with more being added each month. We pride ourselves in working with our customers creating innovative organic blends. At Carolina Ingredients we make the world taste better.

Snaxpo 2017

Posted on Tue, Mar, 2017@ 11:00 AM



Join us APRIL 1-4, 2017 in Savannah GA, booth #403, for SNAXPO 2017. We will show four of our newest and most innovative seasonings which are perfect for tortilla chips, popcorn, and other snacks. Come see how we make the world taste better!



Apple & Roasted Cinnamon – Our Apple & Roasted Cinnamon seasoning is a sensational mix of sugar, vanilla flavoring, and spices. These ingredients are complemented by a crisp apple flavor, with a touch of warm cinnamon. This blend is NGMOP compliant, kosher, and is ideal for popcorn.



Elote-1.jpgMexican Street Corn (Elote) – Our trendiest flavor yet! This seasoning is a flavorful combination of sweet corn flavor, chili pepper, cream powder, with a light hint of lime. Parsley flakes are also included in this blend to create a lush green visual. This blend is NGMOP complaint, kosher dairy and is perfect for tortilla chips.



StrawberryBeet.jpgOrganic Strawberry Beet – Organic Strawberry Beet is one of the newest additions to our growing organic catalog. We include sugar and vanilla flavoring, to go along with sweet strawberry and earthly beet flavors. In addition to being organic, this blend is NGMOP compliant and kosher. This is another seasoning that is great for popcorn. 


Bacon & Cheese.jpgGouda & Bacon – This blend combines creamy gouda cheese with an amazing bacon flavor and a touch of smoke. This is a simple blend that you’re sure to enjoy. Our gouda & bacon is a kosher blend that is a perfect match for potato chips.

Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of customized snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, feel free to visit our website.

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Welcome in the New Year with 3 New, Non-GMO Chili Creations

Posted on Tue, Feb, 2017@ 04:12 PM

non gmo snack seasoning


Customers continue to crave spicy snacks with a variety of chilies. According to Paul Rozin, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist who studied the appeal of both foods, chili is the second most craved flavor in the United States after chocolate. Carolina Ingredients has made a variety of new chili inspired snack seasonings because consumers want their chili experience to be hotter, spicier, and full of different varieties of chili.


Here are 3 of our newest chili creations - all are non-GMO project compatible.


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning 

Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning – Guajillo peppers combined with a slightly smoky and savory flavor will liven up your tortilla chip or any other base.


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese with Organic Dairy


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese (Organic Dairy) – Cheese balanced with guajillo takes nacho cheese flavor to a new level.






Elote (Mexican Street Corn, Organic Dairy) – Sweet corn, chili, and cream allows you to put this classic street food on a snack.  This innovative seasoning would be wonderful on popcorn or extruded corn products.


Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of custom snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, check out our seasonings collection.


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Rejoice as The Holidays are Here Along with 5 New Non GMO Snack Seasonings!

Posted on Fri, Dec, 2016@ 12:29 PM



With the holiday season right around the corner and a new year upon us, we are introducing 5 of our newest, non-GMO compliant snack seasonings as part of our Flavors of the Month Series. We have carefully crafted our new blends to satisfy our partners and stay ahead of the flavor trends. As the weather begins to cool down, feel free to indulge in a few of our newest commercial seasoning blends.


Gingerbread – Warm honey and molasses make this old fashioned staple a fan favorite. 




Green Salsa – Think green, green salsa - herby freshness with a just a touch of tangy flavoring.





Habanero Jack – Spicy habanero starts with fire with mellow jack taming the flames.





Harissa Mango – Harissa packs a punch of flavor and the mango delivers a fresh, sweet and soothing taste.





Harissa Seasoning – A spicy and versatile flavor guaranteed to put a pep in your step.



As a Non-GMO Project participant, feel free to have us develop your NGMOP compliant seasoning.

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Aji Amarillo – The “Sunshine Chili” Snack Seasoning

Posted on Mon, Oct, 2016@ 02:11 PM

Get ready for this little gem out of Peru – Aji Amarillo – a yellow to bright orange chili pepper with a fruity note.  If you are serious about your chili and want to ramp up your line of offerings this is the chili for you.  Serious Eats says, “If there were a chili to taste like sunshine, this would be it.” 




With medium heat, full bodied flavor yet more subtle than a poblano, our version combines the Aji with other spices like cilantro and garlic to further round out the flavor profile.


We have formulated this as a kosherable, Non-GMO compliant blend intended as a snack seasoningHowever, the Aji Amarillo is often used in paste form to create sauces and rubs.


Reach out to us for a sample to match your application – we think you’ll be as excited as we are!

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