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Maras Peppers - The New “Hot” Go To Pepper & Spice Rub

Posted on Tue, Oct, 2016@ 12:28 PM

Maras peppers from Turkey are the cousin to the Aleppo pepper. Only 125 miles from Aleppo, Syria, this pepper has a slow, subtle heat; the aroma is fruity and bright with an undertone of earthy must, some say almost a smoky flavor.


Syria’s internal conflict means the growing areas for the Aleppo pepper have been damaged. Maras (pronounced mah-RAHSH) peppers are sun-dried and then ground between slow turning stone wheels (much like in the olive oil making process).




In Turkey, the dried pepper is mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt; it is used to season lamb or goat. They are also used fresh and have a sweet, dried fruit type note with a touch of heat that hits the throat and then dissipates.


Spice distributor Carolina Ingredients has innovated a maras pepper rub with notes of onion and garlic, citrus and cumin. This would be excellent on grilled chicken, lamb or seafood, grilled eggplant or slowly roasted carrots. This versatile spice rub would also lend itself to a unique rub for deli meats. This is a coarser ground product so it adds nice visuals to your commercial seasoning blends and therefore is not best.


Contact us today if you have a unique innovative twist on this trending spice. 

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Feed Your Sweet Tooth With Our New Innovative Snack Seasonings!

Posted on Wed, Sep, 2016@ 05:54 PM



Holidays are just around the corner; school has started back up; baking birthday cakes for weekend celebrations continues. Carolina Ingredients is introducing four, new, sweet snack seasonings ready to tempt your customers. These flavor offerings are available in both Non GMO compatible and conventional styles allowing you to meet all your customers’ needs.



Birthday Cake – Put on your birthday hat and toot your horn! Vanilla and buttercream blend together reminding you of your childhood dream...imagine this on popcorn with colorful sprinkles.





Peanut Butter Brownie (non-allergen) – Gooey peanut butter and rich chocolate – the perfect marriage of two flavors. This is an awesome peanut flavor our R&D scientists have discovered. I’m sure you’ll see more new blends emerge with this fabulous flavor.





Chocolate Mint – Bright refreshing mint and chocolate bring this classic to the snack world. It is like Peppermint Patty has her own brand of popcorn. 





Chocolate Bundt Cake – Another rich buttery chocolate flavor – a classic that can be combined with other flavors to spice it up. Add cinnamon to bring a Mexican flair, or orange to transform it into a French classic; the ideas are limitless.  


In addition to these innovative and tasteful sweet seasonings, spice distributor Carolina Ingredients offers an extensive line of seasoning blends


Find Out More Here

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Non GMO Project Verifiable Dairy Based Seasonings

Posted on Thu, Aug, 2016@ 05:16 PM



Carolina Ingredients now has access to organic dairy powders! This is a phenomenal development in the world of Non GMO Project compliant seasonings and other blends.  Give your customers both Non GMO Project verification and real dairy!


We have the following organic powders available: White and yellow cheddar, butter, cream, nonfat milk and sour cream.  Below are a few of our flavor options:



Nacho Cheese – Cheese flavors boldly spiced with nuances of a variety of peppers, cumin and other flavors create a fiesta in your mouth.





Hot Chocolate – Deep rich chocolate combined with creamy dairy and a pop of sweet marshmallow bring snack foods to a new level.





Orange Cheddar – Moderately sharp cheese flavor is a classic for many snack foods.




– Bright buttermilk, savory herbs and black pepper bring freshness and zing to your favorite base.






Sour Cream & Onion – Another snack classic, now can be enjoyed by Non-GMO and real dairy supporters.




Wasabi Ranch – An Asian twist on a traditional ranch. The horseradish brings a bold pop of flavor to any base.



Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of customized snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, feel free to visit our website.

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With Summer Arriving, Warm Up your Taste Buds with Non GMO Compliant, Commercial Seasoning Blends.

Posted on Fri, Jun, 2016@ 11:30 AM



With summer arriving, warm up your taste buds with Carolina Ingredients' carefully crafted flavor blends. We are now offering five, new, Non GMO snack seasonings for our June Flavors of the Month


Buttery Cheese Type Non Dairy – Buttery cheese type flavor that is also Non GMO compliant.





Caesar – This is the ultimate caesar pleaser blend that is also Non GMO compliant.





Chipotle – Smokey chipotle seasoning blend provides a subtle kick and flavorful taste.





Chipotle BBQ – The bbq seasoning has notes of warm smoky chipotle with other sweet and savory flavors.





Chipotle Ranch – For chipotle and ranch connoisseurs alike, this is the ultimate flavor blend of both worlds.



In addition to these new and tasteful snack seasonings, Carolina Ingredients offers an extensive line of seasoning blends. For more information and details, feel free to visit our website.

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This Spice Distributor May Have a Few Flavor Blends You Would Enjoy.

Posted on Tue, May, 2016@ 02:53 PM



Carolina Ingredients is introducing five of our newest, Non GMO compliant snack seasonings as part of our May Flavors of the Month. We have carefully crafted our new blends to satisfy our partners and stay ahead of the flavor trends. As Spring warms up, feel free to indulge in a few of our new commercial seasoning blends.


Ancho Chili – Sweet, flavorful and a staple in Mexican cuisines, ancho chili is the perfect Non GMO blend of sweet and spicy.





Avocado Cilantro – Made with avocado and cilantro, this Non GMO seasoning is a refreshing and soothing flavor that captivates your taste buds.





Avocado Lime – ​Fresh limes and ripe avocado make this a must try Non GMO flavor blend.





Blooming Onion – ​Blooming onion fans, you may want to sit down for this one. This classic, sweet onion Non GMO flavor can now be yours to indulge in.





Butter Type Non Dairy – ​This seasoning makes butter popcorn sing and can also be used as a base to create more Non GMO non dairy blends.



As a Non GMO project participant, feel free to contact us to verify your Non GMO seasoning.

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Snack Clean at Booth #644!

Posted on Tue, Mar, 2016@ 01:01 PM



Greetings from South Carolina! We cannot wait to see you all – Snaxpo is just a few days away and there is still time to register. Doug, Mike, Julie, and Sheila will be there representing Carolina Ingredients with our exciting new snack seasonings and flavors!


Orange Cheddar Flavored Popcorn – Non-GMO project compliant 



Non-Dairy_White_Cheddar__Jalapeno_Flavored_Popcorn_.jpgWhite Cheddar & Jalapeno Flavored Popcorn – Non-GMO project compliant



Apple_Cinnamon_Crisp_on_Multigrain_Chip.jpgToasted Cinnamon Apple Multigrain Chips – Non-GMO project compliant





Korean Bibimbap on Kettle Chip


Step on in, chat with us and learn how seasoning blender Carolina Ingredients can create value for you!

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Snack Clean at Snaxpo 2016!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 2016@ 12:01 PM

Snaxpo_2016Come visit us at booth #644 for the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 19 through March 22 in Houston, TX. We have four Texas-sized flavors to try. Stop on by and have a tasty treat and give us feedback.

  • Orange Cheddar Flavored Popcorn – Cheesy cheddar type flavor that is also Non GMO project compliant. A new favorite in the CII library – around the office, folks ask for this more than regular cheese popcorn.

  • White Cheddar & Jalapeno Popcorn – Balanced cheddar type flavoring with the zing of fresh green jalapenos. This is also Non GMO project compliant – your mouth will ask for more of this savory, zesty blend.

  • Toasted Cinnamon Apple Multigrain Chips – Reminds us of the family recipe for apple cinnamon crisp that we looked forward to just after apple harvest. Sweet with warm cinnamon notes would make this an excellent addition to your flavor offerings. We paired this with an Organic Gluten Free Tortilla Chip containing flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.. This is also Non GMO project compliant and a new favorite at CII!

  • Korean Bibimbap on Kettle Chip – Complete with signature gochujang flavor and other savory notes on a kettle chip allows this complex flavor to come forward. Asian flavors continue to be very trendy in 2016.

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Spice Distributor Carolina Ingredients Offers New, Non-GMO Flavors

Posted on Mon, Feb, 2016@ 10:00 AM

Carolina Ingredients offers an extensive line of Non GMO Project snack seasonings. We are excited to announce that two more flavors are ready for you. Both are non-dairy, but taste like the real thing. We think you and your consumer will love these.




White Cheddar Type Non Dairy Seasoning – rich, creamy and tangy cheese notes make for an addictive snack.


Butter Type Non Dairy Seasoning – when making this in the lab, it smelled just like a movie theater. There is a perfect balance of butter, creamy feel and salt in this blend.


We can also verify your Non GMO seasoning if you like as we are part of the Non GMO project.

Chai Spice Popcorn Seasoning - Warm Flavors with a Touch of Heat and Creamy Base for Taste Sensation

Posted on Mon, Jan, 2016@ 10:30 AM

Legend has it that an Indian king, over 5000 years ago, combined spices, tea, and milk to create a healing beverage. Chai means “tea” in Hindi. There are many versions, regionally to those passed down to generations.




Chai in northern India tends to be highly aromatic with flavors including cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Chai from eastern India is served in clay cups which lend an earthy flavor combined with the spicy tones. In southern India, chai is served with a creamy froth created from vigorous shaking prior to pouring into glasses. The tradition of chai tea spread over the Indian continent early in its inception. Irani chai is made from Iranian tea leaves plus regional spices.


In the US, we see an increase in popularity in Chai tea offerings – Starbucks and other coffee retailers sell hot and cold versions. You can even find it in convenience and grocery stores. Spice distributor Carolina Ingredients offers a Chai Spice popcorn seasoning. Warm flavors of cinnamon and cardamom combined with a touch of heat from black pepper and a creamy base create a taste sensation for your tongue. This snack seasoning would also pair well with multigrain and ancient grain blends.

Non-GMO Popularity on the Rise

Posted on Tue, Aug, 2015@ 11:55 AM

Carolina Ingredients is proud to offer Non-GMO Project verified snack seasonings. With last year’s sales of non-GMO products increasing in the United States by 10% to $190 million, this trend is proving itself to be anything but short-lived. Gone are the days when consumers didn’t know, or want to know, what was in their food. 

NonGMO 2015 resized 600

According to the NPD Group, a global information company, more than half of Americans are concerned that genetically modified foods pose a health hazard. This attitude extends to those foods previously thought of as “healthy” – including those labeled as diet, lower sugar, caffeine-free, or low carb. The popularity of these products with consumers has been on the decline, now reaching its lowest point in a decade.

According to Diamond Foods, by the end of fiscal year 2016, roughly 70% of their sales will be in Non-GMO Project verified snacks. Even restaurants – including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread Co. – are jumping on board the non-GMO trend, with many changing their seasoning suppliers and offering simpler ingredients.

Consumers are replacing an association of what’s “good for you” by what’s been removed, whether that’s sugar, fat or carbs – with “good for you” by what’s natural, real and unaltered.

Check out the non-GMO verified snack blends offered by Carolina Ingredients today. 

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