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Rejoice as The Holidays are Here Along with 5 New Non GMO Snack Seasonings!

Posted on Fri, Dec, 2016@ 12:29 PM



With the holiday season right around the corner and a new year upon us, we are introducing 5 of our newest, non-GMO compliant snack seasonings as part of our Flavors of the Month Series. We have carefully crafted our new blends to satisfy our partners and stay ahead of the flavor trends. As the weather begins to cool down, feel free to indulge in a few of our newest commercial seasoning blends.


Gingerbread – Warm honey and molasses make this old fashioned staple a fan favorite. 




Green Salsa – Think green, green salsa - herby freshness with a just a touch of tangy flavoring.





Habanero Jack – Spicy habanero starts with fire with mellow jack taming the flames.





Harissa Mango – Harissa packs a punch of flavor and the mango delivers a fresh, sweet and soothing taste.





Harissa Seasoning – A spicy and versatile flavor guaranteed to put a pep in your step.



As a Non-GMO Project participant, feel free to have us develop your NGMOP compliant seasoning.

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