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Boosting Nutritional Values in Foods

Posted on Mon, May, 2013@ 04:37 PM

Recently, Girl Scout Cookies released a new cookie in 2013 - Mango Crème with Nutrifusion’s Grandfusion as part of the ingredients.  While many scoffed at the idea of nutritionally “supercharging” a cookie, many see this as a toe dip into an ocean of market expansion.  Grandfusion is a blend of fruits and vegetables that, when added to food products, allows companies to claim additional nutritional benefits without affecting taste or functionality. 

Recently in a trade article, scientists experiments with extruded corn snacks to incorporate fish protein powder and omega-3 fish oil.  They were able to determine the exact percentage where children could not detect these items, thereby opening avenues for snack companies to increase nutrient values in products.

At Carolina Ingredients, we are formulating some of our current blends to include Grandfusion - another way to create value for you.

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Carolina Ingredients - Our Core Cultures

Posted on Mon, Mar, 2013@ 09:00 AM

At Carolina Ingredients we embrace our core cultures - 7 precise statements that guide us in our daily relationship with producing quality products.  Callers are greeted with “How May I Create Value for You?”  Monthly team meetings give everyone an opportunity to recognize co-workers who exemplify a core culture.  Visitors report they feel the connectedness and pride that employees, managers, and Doug Meyer-Cuno have for Carolina Ingredients.

Theron Hunter, recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with Carolina Ingredients.  He proudly announced he loved being part of the “Dream Team”.

When you interact with anyone at Carolina Ingredients, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot at least one core culture coming through


          ~ Passionate about creating value

          ~ Building partnerships

          ~ Innovative solutions to solving problems

          ~ Get it done right attitude

          ~ Growth thru technology

          ~ Optimize Sustainable practices

          ~ Our Team is only as good as the value you create

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