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General Tso - Spicy, Slightly Sweetened and Vinegary Blend

Posted on Wed, Jul, 2015@ 08:00 AM

General Tso blog


Americans love General Tso’s from their local Asian take out. A touch of vinegar balances the sweetness in the spicy sauce which covers crispy fried meat or tofu.  

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Carolina Ingredients created a General Tso spice which is spicy, slightly sweet and vinegary seasoning blend that settles in the grooves of crisp ripple potato chips.

This blend can also be adapted as a glaze for fish, a rub for meat, or an internal snack seasoning for hot snack products. Ask your sales rep for a sample and spec sheet today.


Carolina Ingredients has a new video titled “Ideation Process” which is now available on YouTube.


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What we've been cooking up for Snaxpo!

Posted on Wed, Mar, 2015@ 11:04 AM

It’s only a few days away!  We welcome your visit to booth #433 at the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 28 through March 31 in Orlando, FL.  Doug, Mike, Sheila, and Rebecca look forward to your visit.  We are very proud to be a NON-GMO Project Verified blender and will have 4 exciting new flavors to try.


buttercream rasRaspberry Buttercream - shown on popcorn.  Fruity, creamy, buttery describes this flavor.  It tastes so close to frosting you would think you are eating dessert.  True to form raspberry flavor is balanced by creamy butter notes.  “Fruity and sweet” remains a popular flavor profile in 2015.



pimentoSpicy Pimento Cheese - shown on a ruffle chip. As a Southern Favorite, this smooth and creamy cheese blends well with heat from different chili peppers with a zing of onion, garlic and other spices. This versatile snack seasoning can be used on chips, sauces, and fillings for meat or savory baked products.



seasaltNon-GMO Project Verified Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper - shown on a kettle chip.  This is Carolina Ingredients first offer in Non GMO Project blends.  Just as the description tells you -- a blend of salt and pepper, touched with other savory backnotes creates a classic chip just meant for munching.





Red Curry - shown on a ptotato chip. The heat of chili powder, floral lemon grass, the warmth of ginger, and savory curry powder with a undercurrent of umami notes deliver a new delicious flavor to your arsenal of taste explosions.




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Millennials Driving Change In The World Of Burgers

Posted on Thu, Jan, 2015@ 12:28 AM

The Carolina Ingredients blogosphere is firing up again and this time it is about burgers and millennials. Pundits reveal millennials want spicy flavors and new exciting combinations, paired with healthier options like turkey or vegetarian and always including “fresh” toppings.

McDonald’s revealed they are testing “build your own” burgers in certain locations. Chains like 5 Guys continue to expand. Larkburger, the chef-driven burger concept in Colorado, has created a buzz in food trend magazines. Yelp even has “Best Burgers in [name your location]” for major cities across the US.

black bean burger blog resized 600

All of this hype has been sparked by the millenial generation to break the mold of the mundane burgers that we all got so accustomed to. 

This month, industrial seasoning distributor Carolina Ingredients worked to develop some new burger flavors as part of our ideation process. Our favorite was Green Chili Black Bean. Mild heat from the green chili and nuttiness from the black bean create a lovely flavor profile for our turkey burger. Additionally, the black bean flakes add great visual notes. This versatile seasoning blend can be used to make a meat based or vegetarian based burger.

What new burger trends have you seen that goes far outside the box?

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Cinnamon - The Winter Warming Spice

Posted on Thu, Dec, 2014@ 01:20 PM

Used in lover’s potions and perfumes for wealthy Romans and to flavor wines, cinnamon was a highly prized and cherished spice throughout the Middle Ages. By the 1700’s crops such as coffee, sugar, tea and chocolate became the focus of traders, the earliest spice distributors, throughout Europe, replacing traditional spices and crops. There are a number of varieties of cinnamon with individual qualities based upon the species and origination. Many are warming while others impart a sharp pungency that builds quickly on the palate.

Cinnamon was our flavor choice of the month. We loved experimenting so much we couldn’t decide on a single innovation! We paired both with popcorn, but this seasoning blend would be lovely in other applications such as drinks, or modified to be a Mole Sauce for just a start.

cinnamon spice

Roasted Cinnamon is a warm flavor, slightly sweet and reminds you of pies baking in the oven or a warm slice of cinnamon crumb cake.

Hot Cinnamon, our second variation, hits with bright heat and lingers on your tongue, much like movie theater candy. 

Both are formulated without artificial color and MSG free; we can tailor these to your customer’s preference.

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