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Snack Clean at Snaxpo 2016!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 2016@ 12:01 PM

Snaxpo_2016Come visit us at booth #644 for the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 19 through March 22 in Houston, TX. We have four Texas-sized flavors to try. Stop on by and have a tasty treat and give us feedback.

  • Orange Cheddar Flavored Popcorn – Cheesy cheddar type flavor that is also Non GMO project compliant. A new favorite in the CII library – around the office, folks ask for this more than regular cheese popcorn.

  • White Cheddar & Jalapeno Popcorn – Balanced cheddar type flavoring with the zing of fresh green jalapenos. This is also Non GMO project compliant – your mouth will ask for more of this savory, zesty blend.

  • Toasted Cinnamon Apple Multigrain Chips – Reminds us of the family recipe for apple cinnamon crisp that we looked forward to just after apple harvest. Sweet with warm cinnamon notes would make this an excellent addition to your flavor offerings. We paired this with an Organic Gluten Free Tortilla Chip containing flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.. This is also Non GMO project compliant and a new favorite at CII!

  • Korean Bibimbap on Kettle Chip – Complete with signature gochujang flavor and other savory notes on a kettle chip allows this complex flavor to come forward. Asian flavors continue to be very trendy in 2016.

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Non-GMO Popularity on the Rise

Posted on Tue, Aug, 2015@ 11:55 AM

Carolina Ingredients is proud to offer Non-GMO Project verified snack seasonings. With last year’s sales of non-GMO products increasing in the United States by 10% to $190 million, this trend is proving itself to be anything but short-lived. Gone are the days when consumers didn’t know, or want to know, what was in their food. 

NonGMO 2015 resized 600

According to the NPD Group, a global information company, more than half of Americans are concerned that genetically modified foods pose a health hazard. This attitude extends to those foods previously thought of as “healthy” – including those labeled as diet, lower sugar, caffeine-free, or low carb. The popularity of these products with consumers has been on the decline, now reaching its lowest point in a decade.

According to Diamond Foods, by the end of fiscal year 2016, roughly 70% of their sales will be in Non-GMO Project verified snacks. Even restaurants – including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread Co. – are jumping on board the non-GMO trend, with many changing their seasoning suppliers and offering simpler ingredients.

Consumers are replacing an association of what’s “good for you” by what’s been removed, whether that’s sugar, fat or carbs – with “good for you” by what’s natural, real and unaltered.

Check out the non-GMO verified snack blends offered by Carolina Ingredients today. 

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Hot 'n Sweet Carolina BBQ

Posted on Tue, Apr, 2015@ 11:09 AM

BBQ -- a powerful word that joins and separates communities, regions and even families. The word evokes family gatherings, competitions, and closely held secret recipes. South Carolina is home to the four types of BBQ sauce - vinegar-pepper, light tomato, heavy tomato, and mustard based. 


Hot 'n Sweet Carolina BBQUnique to South Carolina, German settlers brought their love of mustard to combine with BBQ meats and other dishes.  And no family gathering would be complete without potato salad. BBQ aficionados rejoice - Seasoning supplier Carolina Ingredients offers another tempting treat. Hot n Sweet Carolina BBQ is our newest chip flavor creation. We’ve created our traditional mustard based bbq sauce and added heat to make this flavor zing on a potato chip.  


Check out our YouTube page -- there are new videos about Carolina Ingredients!

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Cinnamon - The Winter Warming Spice

Posted on Thu, Dec, 2014@ 01:20 PM

Used in lover’s potions and perfumes for wealthy Romans and to flavor wines, cinnamon was a highly prized and cherished spice throughout the Middle Ages. By the 1700’s crops such as coffee, sugar, tea and chocolate became the focus of traders, the earliest spice distributors, throughout Europe, replacing traditional spices and crops. There are a number of varieties of cinnamon with individual qualities based upon the species and origination. Many are warming while others impart a sharp pungency that builds quickly on the palate.

Cinnamon was our flavor choice of the month. We loved experimenting so much we couldn’t decide on a single innovation! We paired both with popcorn, but this seasoning blend would be lovely in other applications such as drinks, or modified to be a Mole Sauce for just a start.

cinnamon spice

Roasted Cinnamon is a warm flavor, slightly sweet and reminds you of pies baking in the oven or a warm slice of cinnamon crumb cake.

Hot Cinnamon, our second variation, hits with bright heat and lingers on your tongue, much like movie theater candy. 

Both are formulated without artificial color and MSG free; we can tailor these to your customer’s preference.

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