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Welcome in the New Year with 3 New, Non-GMO Chili Creations

Posted on Tue, Feb, 2017@ 04:12 PM

non gmo snack seasoning


Customers continue to crave spicy snacks with a variety of chilies. According to Paul Rozin, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist who studied the appeal of both foods, chili is the second most craved flavor in the United States after chocolate. Carolina Ingredients has made a variety of new chili inspired snack seasonings because consumers want their chili experience to be hotter, spicier, and full of different varieties of chili.


Here are 3 of our newest chili creations - all are non-GMO project compatible.


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning 

Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning – Guajillo peppers combined with a slightly smoky and savory flavor will liven up your tortilla chip or any other base.


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese with Organic Dairy


Smoked Guajillo Chili Seasoning with Cheese (Organic Dairy) – Cheese balanced with guajillo takes nacho cheese flavor to a new level.






Elote (Mexican Street Corn, Organic Dairy) – Sweet corn, chili, and cream allows you to put this classic street food on a snack.  This innovative seasoning would be wonderful on popcorn or extruded corn products.


Carolina Ingredients offers a large variety of custom snack seasoning blends. For more information and details, check out our seasonings collection.


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Feed Your Sweet Tooth With Our New Innovative Snack Seasonings!

Posted on Wed, Sep, 2016@ 05:54 PM



Holidays are just around the corner; school has started back up; baking birthday cakes for weekend celebrations continues. Carolina Ingredients is introducing four, new, sweet snack seasonings ready to tempt your customers. These flavor offerings are available in both Non GMO compatible and conventional styles allowing you to meet all your customers’ needs.



Birthday Cake – Put on your birthday hat and toot your horn! Vanilla and buttercream blend together reminding you of your childhood dream...imagine this on popcorn with colorful sprinkles.





Peanut Butter Brownie (non-allergen) – Gooey peanut butter and rich chocolate – the perfect marriage of two flavors. This is an awesome peanut flavor our R&D scientists have discovered. I’m sure you’ll see more new blends emerge with this fabulous flavor.





Chocolate Mint – Bright refreshing mint and chocolate bring this classic to the snack world. It is like Peppermint Patty has her own brand of popcorn. 





Chocolate Bundt Cake – Another rich buttery chocolate flavor – a classic that can be combined with other flavors to spice it up. Add cinnamon to bring a Mexican flair, or orange to transform it into a French classic; the ideas are limitless.  


In addition to these innovative and tasteful sweet seasonings, spice distributor Carolina Ingredients offers an extensive line of seasoning blends


Find Out More Here

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Non-GMO Popularity on the Rise

Posted on Tue, Aug, 2015@ 11:55 AM

Carolina Ingredients is proud to offer Non-GMO Project verified snack seasonings. With last year’s sales of non-GMO products increasing in the United States by 10% to $190 million, this trend is proving itself to be anything but short-lived. Gone are the days when consumers didn’t know, or want to know, what was in their food. 

NonGMO 2015 resized 600

According to the NPD Group, a global information company, more than half of Americans are concerned that genetically modified foods pose a health hazard. This attitude extends to those foods previously thought of as “healthy” – including those labeled as diet, lower sugar, caffeine-free, or low carb. The popularity of these products with consumers has been on the decline, now reaching its lowest point in a decade.

According to Diamond Foods, by the end of fiscal year 2016, roughly 70% of their sales will be in Non-GMO Project verified snacks. Even restaurants – including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread Co. – are jumping on board the non-GMO trend, with many changing their seasoning suppliers and offering simpler ingredients.

Consumers are replacing an association of what’s “good for you” by what’s been removed, whether that’s sugar, fat or carbs – with “good for you” by what’s natural, real and unaltered.

Check out the non-GMO verified snack blends offered by Carolina Ingredients today. 

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Why a snack seasonings partner is right for you

Posted on Mon, Dec, 2014@ 09:47 AM

After developing a new idea for a snack seasoning or flavor, do you develop that new flavor seasoning in-house or seek out a strategic partner to develop the flavor seasoning for you?       

For many businesses, Carolina Ingredients is that strategic partner. We firmly believe that the best partnerships exist when each entity focuses on what they do best. In our case, that’s developing innovative flavor trends for the many channels of commercial food production.

Our process is simple: Focus on the customer throughout every step. We live by the mantra, “How may we create value for you?”

gingerbread man partnership blog resized 600

Do you have a new idea for a holiday ginger bread cookie? Let us start thinking about it in March. Do you want to create a new buffalo ranch flavored popcorn just in time for the start of football tailgating? We will start planning around the time of this year’s innagural NCAA Football Championship series.

Though our average sales cycle is six months to a year, we are able to work under very tight deadlines, as short as 1 month. Why the long average sales cycle? It takes time to bring a new product to market and get it right.

At Carolina Ingredients, we:

  • Act as a strategic partner
  • Push the boundaries to make our products healthier and safer
  • Research the best ingredients, flavors and blends with dedication and patience from our Research & Development team
  • Ensure that your bottom line for new products will be as profitable as it can be by partnering our sales and R&D teams

Yes, we are thorough! But we capitalize on timely seasoning trends also. With the recent popularity of Korean BBQ and Sriracha, we wanted to join in on all the fun and produce some of these unique flavor trends on our own, with an added twist.

Bringing this type of innovation in-house can certainly pose a challenge. Looking at the bottom line throughout the entire process, every failed attempt at “getting it right” is money spent. Add to this the challenge of seeking out facilities to produce your small-batch flavor on a larger scale. Why not allow the creators of your custom blend to oversee and produce it on a large scale?

A strategic partnership is not going to be the best fit for every company in every instance. However, when faced with a decision to tackle this on your own or allow our flavor-craftsmen to tackle it for you, consider bringing on a talented team that has done this for nearly 25 years. 

We learn much and innovate often – Allow us to use this knowledge to create value for you!

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Just A Pinch of Salt: Lower Sodium Options from Carolina Ingredients

Posted on Wed, Aug, 2014@ 10:45 AM

snack seasonings low sodium

Who says that you can’t have a snack seasoning that’s flavorful and healthy? While consumers have long known the benefits of lower sodium diets, taste is still key in leaving them satisfied.

Current dietary guidelines recommend that sodium intake is limited to less than 2,300 milligrams per day for the average American, with children and adults over 51 being limited to 1,500 milligrams daily. The benefits of a lower sodium diet range from reducing hypertension, or high blood pressure, to reducing rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Despite this knowledge, most Americans currently consume around 3,400 milligrams of sodium per day.

Food companies and restaurants can lead the way to happy and healthy consumers by making changes that benefit health, without making compromises on taste.

snack seasonings saltBoston Market is one company doing just that, reducing sodium content of some of their most popular menu items by as much as 30%. They reported same-store sales growth of 6.7% in the quarter that followed their switch.

Other companies have also followed suite, with Kraft Foods reducing sodium in their popular Hamburger Helper line and Subway restaurants reducing their sodium content by 30% restaurant-wide.

At Carolina Ingredients, we offer Reduced Sodium Natural Sea Salt in two varieties – 57% reduced and 45% reduced. The blend is part of our natural/ clean label offerings and contains no anticaking agents. 

We can also customize any of our blends to lower sodium content or use lower sodium natural sea salt, without removing the depth of flavor your customer expects.

Contact Carolina Ingredients today to learn more! 

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Food Truck Inspired Cuisine with Our Korean BBQ Flavor

Posted on Mon, Jul, 2014@ 02:30 PM

With our Korean BBQ sauce mixture and dry rub, you can taste the balance of ginger, garlic and soy. The possibilities are endless for this on-trend flavor, use it as a  snack seasoning, marinade and even a dry rub.

Korean BBQ tacos are credited by some as kicking off the food truck trend in large cities, such as Los Angeles. We invite you to invoke the creativity and flavor that has catapulted food trucks to recent fame. 

foodtruck blog full


First, let us customize this blend for you. You can add other fruit extracts or peppers to make this uniquely your own, modifying this flavor as a sauce or as a dry rub. 

Go for an easy crowd pleaser, and use our Korean BBQ sauce on chicken wings or short ribs. Or try the ever-popular Korean BBQ tacos, and don’t forget the Sriracha on the side! 

No matter where you live, this flavor is sure to be a hit on or off the truck. Did you know? 

  • Food trucks are the fastest growing dining industry in the country, with an average growth rate of 8.4% a year
  • Food truck revenue is expected to quadruple to $2.7 billion by 2017
  • 2.5 billion people eat street food every day
  • Kogi Korean BBQ was named one of the top five food trucks in Los Angeles – and has over 127,000 followers on Twitter 

What are your favorite food truck flavor trends

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Ethnic Flavors Continue Upward Trend in Snack Seasoning

Posted on Mon, Mar, 2014@ 11:00 AM

Ethnic flavors continue to be very popular in snack seasoning trends. We anticipate seeing the popularity of the pepper continue well into 2014. We’re no longer talking about just ancho and jalapeno, as peppers like hatch, datil, aleppo, and mini purple move into the mainstream.

Our R&D team is constantly developing new combinations to stay ahead of these trends.

  • Hatch Green Chili & Cheese – a New Mexican roasted, mild green chili compliments creamy cheddar cheese
  • Aleppo Pepper – a chili of complex flavor and mild heat, originating in the Middle East, builds slowly in this rub, allowing the other flavors to come forward
  • Hatch Carnitas – warm roasted flavors, combined with cumin and chili, create an exceptional rub for poultry or pork
  • Non-GMO Za’tar – this snack seasoning boasts an herby and bright flavor with sumac notes and sweetness from basil

Integrating unique ingredients into current flavor profiles is a great way to highlight ethnic tastes and give customers new and exciting flavors. How are you taking advantage of specific cuisines and flavor trends?

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