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Aji Amarillo – The “Sunshine Chili” Snack Seasoning

Posted on Mon, Oct, 2016@ 02:11 PM

Get ready for this little gem out of Peru – Aji Amarillo – a yellow to bright orange chili pepper with a fruity note.  If you are serious about your chili and want to ramp up your line of offerings this is the chili for you.  Serious Eats says, “If there were a chili to taste like sunshine, this would be it.” 




With medium heat, full bodied flavor yet more subtle than a poblano, our version combines the Aji with other spices like cilantro and garlic to further round out the flavor profile.


We have formulated this as a kosherable, Non-GMO compliant blend intended as a snack seasoningHowever, the Aji Amarillo is often used in paste form to create sauces and rubs.


Reach out to us for a sample to match your application – we think you’ll be as excited as we are!

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Maras Peppers - The New “Hot” Go To Pepper & Spice Rub

Posted on Tue, Oct, 2016@ 12:28 PM

Maras peppers from Turkey are the cousin to the Aleppo pepper. Only 125 miles from Aleppo, Syria, this pepper has a slow, subtle heat; the aroma is fruity and bright with an undertone of earthy must, some say almost a smoky flavor.


Syria’s internal conflict means the growing areas for the Aleppo pepper have been damaged. Maras (pronounced mah-RAHSH) peppers are sun-dried and then ground between slow turning stone wheels (much like in the olive oil making process).




In Turkey, the dried pepper is mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt; it is used to season lamb or goat. They are also used fresh and have a sweet, dried fruit type note with a touch of heat that hits the throat and then dissipates.


Spice distributor Carolina Ingredients has innovated a maras pepper rub with notes of onion and garlic, citrus and cumin. This would be excellent on grilled chicken, lamb or seafood, grilled eggplant or slowly roasted carrots. This versatile spice rub would also lend itself to a unique rub for deli meats. This is a coarser ground product so it adds nice visuals to your commercial seasoning blends and therefore is not best.


Contact us today if you have a unique innovative twist on this trending spice. 

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Feed Your Sweet Tooth With Our New Innovative Snack Seasonings!

Posted on Wed, Sep, 2016@ 05:54 PM



Holidays are just around the corner; school has started back up; baking birthday cakes for weekend celebrations continues. Carolina Ingredients is introducing four, new, sweet snack seasonings ready to tempt your customers. These flavor offerings are available in both Non GMO compatible and conventional styles allowing you to meet all your customers’ needs.



Birthday Cake – Put on your birthday hat and toot your horn! Vanilla and buttercream blend together reminding you of your childhood dream...imagine this on popcorn with colorful sprinkles.





Peanut Butter Brownie (non-allergen) – Gooey peanut butter and rich chocolate – the perfect marriage of two flavors. This is an awesome peanut flavor our R&D scientists have discovered. I’m sure you’ll see more new blends emerge with this fabulous flavor.





Chocolate Mint – Bright refreshing mint and chocolate bring this classic to the snack world. It is like Peppermint Patty has her own brand of popcorn. 





Chocolate Bundt Cake – Another rich buttery chocolate flavor – a classic that can be combined with other flavors to spice it up. Add cinnamon to bring a Mexican flair, or orange to transform it into a French classic; the ideas are limitless.  


In addition to these innovative and tasteful sweet seasonings, spice distributor Carolina Ingredients offers an extensive line of seasoning blends


Find Out More Here

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Snack Clean at Snaxpo 2016!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 2016@ 12:01 PM

Snaxpo_2016Come visit us at booth #644 for the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 19 through March 22 in Houston, TX. We have four Texas-sized flavors to try. Stop on by and have a tasty treat and give us feedback.

  • Orange Cheddar Flavored Popcorn – Cheesy cheddar type flavor that is also Non GMO project compliant. A new favorite in the CII library – around the office, folks ask for this more than regular cheese popcorn.

  • White Cheddar & Jalapeno Popcorn – Balanced cheddar type flavoring with the zing of fresh green jalapenos. This is also Non GMO project compliant – your mouth will ask for more of this savory, zesty blend.

  • Toasted Cinnamon Apple Multigrain Chips – Reminds us of the family recipe for apple cinnamon crisp that we looked forward to just after apple harvest. Sweet with warm cinnamon notes would make this an excellent addition to your flavor offerings. We paired this with an Organic Gluten Free Tortilla Chip containing flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.. This is also Non GMO project compliant and a new favorite at CII!

  • Korean Bibimbap on Kettle Chip – Complete with signature gochujang flavor and other savory notes on a kettle chip allows this complex flavor to come forward. Asian flavors continue to be very trendy in 2016.

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Hot 'n Sweet Carolina BBQ

Posted on Tue, Apr, 2015@ 11:09 AM

BBQ -- a powerful word that joins and separates communities, regions and even families. The word evokes family gatherings, competitions, and closely held secret recipes. South Carolina is home to the four types of BBQ sauce - vinegar-pepper, light tomato, heavy tomato, and mustard based. 


Hot 'n Sweet Carolina BBQUnique to South Carolina, German settlers brought their love of mustard to combine with BBQ meats and other dishes.  And no family gathering would be complete without potato salad. BBQ aficionados rejoice - Seasoning supplier Carolina Ingredients offers another tempting treat. Hot n Sweet Carolina BBQ is our newest chip flavor creation. We’ve created our traditional mustard based bbq sauce and added heat to make this flavor zing on a potato chip.  


Check out our YouTube page -- there are new videos about Carolina Ingredients!

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What we've been cooking up for Snaxpo!

Posted on Wed, Mar, 2015@ 11:04 AM

It’s only a few days away!  We welcome your visit to booth #433 at the Snaxpo Convention, held this year from March 28 through March 31 in Orlando, FL.  Doug, Mike, Sheila, and Rebecca look forward to your visit.  We are very proud to be a NON-GMO Project Verified blender and will have 4 exciting new flavors to try.


buttercream rasRaspberry Buttercream - shown on popcorn.  Fruity, creamy, buttery describes this flavor.  It tastes so close to frosting you would think you are eating dessert.  True to form raspberry flavor is balanced by creamy butter notes.  “Fruity and sweet” remains a popular flavor profile in 2015.



pimentoSpicy Pimento Cheese - shown on a ruffle chip. As a Southern Favorite, this smooth and creamy cheese blends well with heat from different chili peppers with a zing of onion, garlic and other spices. This versatile snack seasoning can be used on chips, sauces, and fillings for meat or savory baked products.



seasaltNon-GMO Project Verified Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper - shown on a kettle chip.  This is Carolina Ingredients first offer in Non GMO Project blends.  Just as the description tells you -- a blend of salt and pepper, touched with other savory backnotes creates a classic chip just meant for munching.





Red Curry - shown on a ptotato chip. The heat of chili powder, floral lemon grass, the warmth of ginger, and savory curry powder with a undercurrent of umami notes deliver a new delicious flavor to your arsenal of taste explosions.




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Honey Habanero - A Seasoning As Versatile As It Is Trendy

Posted on Tue, Feb, 2015@ 07:50 AM

An exciting hot and sweet combo, honey habanero fits the profile for your new snack seasoning flavor debut.

Chilies continue to be popular flavor profiles for mainstream America; you are seeing them appear in traditional toppings, rubs, chips and dressings.  Habanero is even making its way into sweets and chocolate.

honey habanero blog

With this month’s ideation blend at Carolina Ingredients, we added our honey habanero blend onto freshly popped popcorn.  Immediate and lingering heat from the habanero hits your taste buds; the fruity citrus-like notes pair with the sweetness of honey to finish out the flavor. 

This new snack seasoning is a versatile one. Use with popcorn, chips, seasonings and event sweets.

Contact us today if you have a unique innovative twist on this trending spice. 

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Cinnamon - The Winter Warming Spice

Posted on Thu, Dec, 2014@ 01:20 PM

Used in lover’s potions and perfumes for wealthy Romans and to flavor wines, cinnamon was a highly prized and cherished spice throughout the Middle Ages. By the 1700’s crops such as coffee, sugar, tea and chocolate became the focus of traders, the earliest spice distributors, throughout Europe, replacing traditional spices and crops. There are a number of varieties of cinnamon with individual qualities based upon the species and origination. Many are warming while others impart a sharp pungency that builds quickly on the palate.

Cinnamon was our flavor choice of the month. We loved experimenting so much we couldn’t decide on a single innovation! We paired both with popcorn, but this seasoning blend would be lovely in other applications such as drinks, or modified to be a Mole Sauce for just a start.

cinnamon spice

Roasted Cinnamon is a warm flavor, slightly sweet and reminds you of pies baking in the oven or a warm slice of cinnamon crumb cake.

Hot Cinnamon, our second variation, hits with bright heat and lingers on your tongue, much like movie theater candy. 

Both are formulated without artificial color and MSG free; we can tailor these to your customer’s preference.

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Why a snack seasonings partner is right for you

Posted on Mon, Dec, 2014@ 09:47 AM

After developing a new idea for a snack seasoning or flavor, do you develop that new flavor seasoning in-house or seek out a strategic partner to develop the flavor seasoning for you?       

For many businesses, Carolina Ingredients is that strategic partner. We firmly believe that the best partnerships exist when each entity focuses on what they do best. In our case, that’s developing innovative flavor trends for the many channels of commercial food production.

Our process is simple: Focus on the customer throughout every step. We live by the mantra, “How may we create value for you?”

gingerbread man partnership blog resized 600

Do you have a new idea for a holiday ginger bread cookie? Let us start thinking about it in March. Do you want to create a new buffalo ranch flavored popcorn just in time for the start of football tailgating? We will start planning around the time of this year’s innagural NCAA Football Championship series.

Though our average sales cycle is six months to a year, we are able to work under very tight deadlines, as short as 1 month. Why the long average sales cycle? It takes time to bring a new product to market and get it right.

At Carolina Ingredients, we:

  • Act as a strategic partner
  • Push the boundaries to make our products healthier and safer
  • Research the best ingredients, flavors and blends with dedication and patience from our Research & Development team
  • Ensure that your bottom line for new products will be as profitable as it can be by partnering our sales and R&D teams

Yes, we are thorough! But we capitalize on timely seasoning trends also. With the recent popularity of Korean BBQ and Sriracha, we wanted to join in on all the fun and produce some of these unique flavor trends on our own, with an added twist.

Bringing this type of innovation in-house can certainly pose a challenge. Looking at the bottom line throughout the entire process, every failed attempt at “getting it right” is money spent. Add to this the challenge of seeking out facilities to produce your small-batch flavor on a larger scale. Why not allow the creators of your custom blend to oversee and produce it on a large scale?

A strategic partnership is not going to be the best fit for every company in every instance. However, when faced with a decision to tackle this on your own or allow our flavor-craftsmen to tackle it for you, consider bringing on a talented team that has done this for nearly 25 years. 

We learn much and innovate often – Allow us to use this knowledge to create value for you!

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Pineapple and Brown Sugar Rub Conjures Warm Memories During Cool Months

Posted on Thu, Nov, 2014@ 09:15 AM

We are moving into fall, when the mornings remind us that summer has again departed and falling leaves prepare us for winter.  Holidays are right around the corner and many of us yearn to locate to warmer locales where we can wait until crocuses begin to emerge from the ground, signaling a new season.

ham with pineapple brown sugar BLOG copy resized 600

Spice distributor Carolina Ingredient’s most recent flavor innovation is Pineapple Brown Sugar Rub. Sweet acidity with warm spicy notes pairs well with pork or beef.  It conjures memories of fall gatherings with family and friends when applied to whole ham. Beef ribs take on an island festive flavor when coated with this blend and smoked, allowing us to imagine the sun above and sand below.

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